Aschheimer Feststadl - a fresh lighting perspective

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Christian Pfeuffer, managing director of Ingenieurbüro Pfeuffer GmbH, describes the installation of 12 'RING' pendant luminaires from bpeLICHT, which recently were installed at the Feststadl in Aschheim, Upper Bavaria, as "a contemporary and energy-efficient lighting system that meets all the requirements for a diverse use of our festival stadium."

Constructed in 2003, the hall hosts concerts, cabaret, festivals, and cultural events. The original lighting system, which mostly consisted of a central chandelier and had about 18 kW of installed power in the form of incandescent and halogen lamps, was not only outdated in terms of efficiency and comfort of lighting, but it was also nearly impossible to continue operating the system due to the difficulty of obtaining replacement lamps. Consequently, the new lighting concept for the Feststadl Aschheim event hall was planned, bid, and supervised during construction by the local engineering office.

Apart from the 33 pendant downlights that were custom-made for this project, the Pfeuffer engineering firm also used 12 'RING' pendant luminaires from the company bpeLICHT located in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, for colour accentuation in the ceiling area. The 2.4-meter-diameter rings were made by bpeLICHT in a single piece especially to meet the static requirements of a single-point suspension. When the festival stadium is outfitted with amplitude-dimmed DALI DT8 drivers and highly efficient tunable white LED modules with a color rendering index >90, it is possible to create a variety of lighting moods that are tailored to the specific use of the hall.

The entire building control is now carried out via KNX, the lights are controlled via DALI or DMX gateways to enable the often necessary integration of the control lighting into the stage lighting technology. “The total installed power could be reduced by around 2/3 while improving illuminance, uniformity and lighting comfort,” says Christian Pfeuffer.